The New House Company Brokers Have the Experience You Need

December 15, 2016
At the time Katie Corish founded The New House Company, in 1981, it was because she was a problem solver and she had a desire to bring a company into the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market that focused on fulfilling the needs of both buyers and sellers. After more than three decades, the firm has grown into a team of highly qualified and experienced brokers and realtors who all realize that there is a consistent fluidity to any real estate market.

The New House Company has become a real estate leader based on their ability to make the process easier and less stress-inducing for buyers, sellers and renters. Whether you are a buyer who wants to sell, a renter who now wants to buy or a seller who now wants to become someone’s landlord, the professionals at The New House Company can help you wend your way through the process. By taking a stressful situation and making it easier, they often end up caring so much about their clients that they all become friends. That’s the best possible outcome, since only happy clients become friends with their brokers.